Winter Weather – Camping Ready!

Camping outside with a projector TV on the side of a van

Camping is an adventure of unknowns. Even if you book a well-reviewed campground, with highly rated amenities and features, on a “normally nice weather” weekend – there are many variables that can affect the plans and final experience of your camping trip.

This weekend, parts of the United States that seldom see cold weather have dipped into single digits. Back home, where we write from, it’s been as cold as -20, with days of gray skies and biting wind. While cold weather doesn’t exactly make us want to go outside, it does provide us a great opportunity to prepare in advance for camping season, just around the corner.

During this cold stint, we’re doing the following:

  • Planning A Warmer Adventure
    • We’re making “x’s” on the map of locations we want to visit this summer. Planning a road trip, an extended camping stay, or a “staycation” close to home is a good opportunity to dream of sunshine and warmer weather!
  • Checking Our Supplies
    • Even though we can’t use them right now, it’s a great time to pull out the camping totes and do a pre-season check. Batteries in the lantern? Check! Enough dishes for the family? Check! Freshly laundered and folded linens for the RV? Check! 
  • Purchasing New Gear
    • Sometimes the offseason is the best time to find good deals on camping essentials. Come Memorial Weekend, everyone will be stocking up. Get the jump on the best deals from last season OR pre-season sales through local and online retailers. 
  • Pinteresting Some New Ideas

While camping season feels far in the future, it’ll be here before you know it. We hope you’re dreaming up new adventures, preparing for the unknown, and getting ready to make mor* memories with Midwest Outdoor Resorts and your friends and family!

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