Fort Hays Chuckwagon Supper & Cowboy Music Show

The Black Hills are rich with authentic Cowboy history. This area has touted the name ‘Wild West’ for over a century and if you are looking to have yourself a rootin’ tootin’ old fashioned adventure you have come to the right place. The Fort Hays Chuckwagon is just up the road from Rushmore Shadows resort and is serving up cowboy cuisine and fun family entertainment. Ft Hayes Cowyboyshow

I had the chance to visit the Fort Hays Chuckwagon Supper & Cowboy Music Show this past week and was eager to see what all the excitement was about. As you drive up the hill and into the parking lot you will feel as if you have driven right into the Wild West of this region’s past. Fort Hays is home to many attractions including the movie set of, “Dances With Wolves.” Here you can visit an old west town, experience rope making, watch a unique penny press, and so much more. A & J Ft. hayes

Enjoy delectable cowboy fare up to three times daily. Choose from a delicious pancake breakfast, cowboy lunch, or a chuckwagon supper.

My husband and I, along with a group of our friends are from the Black Hills but had not had the chance to catch the Cowboy Music Show. So we saddled up for the Chuckwagon Dinner last week. Ft. Hayes Dinner Plate

As you enter the rustic building that houses the dinner and show, the aroma of traditional and delicious cowboy fare fills the air. We grabbed our tin plates and cups and headed through the line to be served by authentic cowboys and cowgirls.

You choose your meat options (BBQ beef or Chicken), then you are encouraged to hold on tight as the server smashes your baked potato down onto your tin plate. “It tastes better that way,” he laughs. As you make your way through the line you’re are given delicious homemade applesauce (my personal favorite), buttermilk biscuits, spice cake, coffee, and the best lemonade I’ve ever had served fresh into your tin cup. Ft. Hayes Emily & Angie

The dinner was delicious and followed by the Cowboy Music Show. We couldn’t keep our eyes off the incredibly talented musicians as they tackled artists from Johnny Cash to Mozart. We cheered for the fiddler as she took on, “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” and won the competition against herself (Playing both Johnny & the Devil’s parts). The Oompah of the polka made us want to dance, and we laughed as Elvis entered the building. Ft Hayes Oommpah

If you are looking for a fun cowboy adventure for your entire family, you won’t want to miss The Fort Hays Chuckwagon Supper & Cowboy Music Show. We give it a big, “Yee Haw!”

And, it’s just a few miles up the Road on Hwy 16. Next time you stay at Rushmore Shadows make sure to visit Fort Hays!

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