Snowbird Vacations

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 11.24.09 AMSnowbird season is upon us once again. The less hardy RVers put theirs into storage for the winter however; there is a special breed of camper, the Snowbird, who continues to use their RV all year round. These campers set their sights further south once the leaves begin to change. Snow is not their cup of tea but sun and sand sure are. My great grandparents were Snowbirds for several years before settling in Arizona. Every fall they would ready the 5th wheel for their long trek from Black Hawk, South Dakota to Mazatlan, Mexico. They would winter in the south because it was much kinder on their health and because they had friends that did so as well. I remember them bringing back many cool trinkets from their yearly Snowbird journey. Here are a few destinations in the Coast to Coast system for you to check out on your own Snowbird Journey!

Coast 2 Coast


Mountain Lakes Resort by Ocean Canyon Properties is a Premier Coast to Coast park. Located near Langston, Alabama it has over a half mile of lake shoreline on its property. It is open year round and the majority of its sites are pull-thru 50 amps! This is resort #2158 in your Coast to Coast directory.



Lake Havasu RV Park by Colorado River Adventures is a Deluxe Coast to Coast park. It is located near Lake Havasu and is open from September 15th– May 14th with a peak season of December 1st- April 1st. All of the sites are full hookups and be sure to get your reservations in as drive ups are not accepted. This is resort #597 in your Coast to Coast directory.



Lake Pointe Resort is a Classic Coast to Coast park located on beautiful Canyon Lake in between San Antonio and Austin, Texas. This resort is open year round and many of its sites are full hookups. Make sure to swing on by and check out this beautiful resort! This is resort #507 in your Coast to Coast directory.


These are just a few of the many Coast to Coast parks in the directory that you can use to your advantage during your Snowbird Journey, or any other part of the year for that matter. Have safe travels and be sure to send in pictures and tell us all about your #FunwithMOR!

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