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  1. Has anyone experienced no available or not in range WiFi throughout one if the Minnesota campgrounds, at the SOO Line campground I found that if you are in the office building you can and are connected to the campground WiFi but when you are about 100 yards away from the building the WiFi was not in range?
    I find this very annoying that this basic service is not available when it is an advertised amenity of the campground, New campground or not available amenities should be available, it is what we are all paying for.
    Please reply i’d appreciate knowing of similar issues.
    Thank you


    • Thank you so much for your feedback. We have informed the Operations Manager of the WiFi issues at Soo Line. They were unaware of the issue and are currently looking into it. As for as our new resort, St. Croix River, the remoteness of the resort limits the options for service but they are currently searching for a solution. Thank you again for your feedback, it has been has been passed on the the Operations Manager.


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