Traveling With Kids

My family and I had the opportunity to utilize a wonderful affiliate program the last couple of weeks to travel through the plains of South Dakota to the lakes of Minnesota.

As the Member Services manager for Midwest Outdoor Resorts I wanted to take the opportunity to visit our locations in Minnesota. BUT it’s a pretty long drive from Rushmore Shadows in Rapid City, SD to Soo Line Trail Campground in Onamia, MN! I was able to utilize Members on Vacation Travel Services through Coast to Coast to find an absolutely beautiful hotel stay in Sioux Falls, SD (about half way between Rapid City and Onamia). I stayed in a great hotel with many amenities, for a wonderful price.

Hidden Bluffs Kids

As I arrived at Soo Line Trail Campground in Onamia, MN I was “WOWED” by the peacefulness of this location. If you are a fisherman, ATV rider, or you are just looking for some peace and quiet – this is the place for you.

After visiting Soo Line Trail Campground, we made our way to Hidden Bluffs Resort in Spring Grove, MN (another Midwest Outdoor Resorts location). I was able to take in the beauty and unique qualities that each little town had to offer on our way to Hidden Bluffs Resorts. As we arrived at the resort I realized we’re not on the plains of South Dakota anymore! I had arrived in Bluff Country. Now it was time to relax and enjoy the sounds of the trees blowing in the wind alongside the stream that runs directly through the resort.

Our Members truly enjoy what each of our Resorts have to offer, and now I know why! if you would like to experience our Resorts, give us a call and set up a camping trip for you and your family.  We can be reached at 1-800-231-0425, you can also check out our website at No camper? No problem, ask about vacation cabins!Christi

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