May Your Days Be Merry And Bright- This Year And Every Year

MOR Christmas Much like yourselves, we too are getting caught up in all the Holiday cheer with that warm ‘n fuzzy feeling in our hearts. We would like to dedicate this blog to everyone who is a part of our Midwest Outdoor Resorts family. If you are reading this blog, our family includes you! The year 2013 brought forth a few challenges but most importantly many highlights for Midwest Outdoor Resorts. Following are a few main events which we enjoy reflecting upon in remembrance of another remarkable year.


  • A brand-new mini golf course was constructed at Rushmore Shadows Resort.
  • We happily welcomed Renee Ryan to Hidden Bluffs Resort as the new resort manager.
  • The new and improved Midwest Outdoor Resorts website was developed.
  • The July flood at Hidden Bluffs Resort further united staff and members throughout the reconstruction process. Again, we sincerely thank everyone for their efforts!
  • More beautiful new cabins were added to Hidden Bluffs Resort.
  • Andrea Beckwith, our previous Member Services Manager, got married and took on a new career path in pursuit of her goals. We miss her dearly but look forward to her shining future.
  • We welcomed Christi Patterson aboard as our new Member Services Manager. We are very delighted with what a wonderful addition to our team she has become.
  • Rushmore Shadows Resort safely endured the notorious Blizzard Atlas in October.
  • Pam Nelson (Director of Marketing) and Charley Youngren (Sales Director) celebrated 25 years with the company. We couldn’t be more grateful for everything they do!

We give a very heart-felt thank you for another excellent year to everyone who touches Midwest Outdoor Resorts. We wish you and your families a most safe and joyous Holiday season!

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