Winter RV Camping Tips

Winter RVingNo Need to Fret Because It Isn’t Summer Yet!
Winter RV Camping Tips

When it comes to winter recreation, camping does not rank high in many peoples’ thoughts. However, it can be a great form of housing to accompany many other winter outdoor activities. It takes a little prep work but there’s no reason one can’t camp throughout the seasons. For Midwest Outdoor Resorts members this could mean ice fishing trips to Soo Line Trail Campground in Onamia, MN or deer hunting near Rushmore Shadows Resort in Rapid City, SD! Think about trying something new like cross country skiing or snowshoeing!

Preparation for all camping trips first begins at home. It’s wise to hook up to electricity and run all equipment beforehand to ensure that heating equipment and appliances are operating properly. Insulating your camper in small ways ahead of time will make a significant difference during the trip. Insert foam insulation into overhead vents and cover windows with plastic to help maintain temperatures inside the camper.

Have you winterized your camper? Have no fear! With a little innovation your camper’s utilities can remain fairly usable. First, fill your fresh water holding tank (which you may use sparingly). Plan to bring plenty of bottled water or fill gallon containers from home as well. Other items to grab from home will be a dehumidifier for reducing condensation, a portable but safe space heater for additional warmth as well as electric blankets.

As for sewer and grey water holding tanks, put antifreeze in them through the toilet and drains to prevent freezing. It’s important to make efficient use of all holding tanks. Once at your destination, finding a camp spot close to bathrooms and showers will aid in these efforts!

Some exterior factors to consider once camping:

  • Make sure exhaust pipes are not buried in snow
  • Remove snow from the top of slide outs soon after snowfall to prevent ice buildup
  • Fishing and hunting licensing is required for respective counties

Remember to check the weather forecast regularly to fully enjoy all that winter has to offer!

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