Welcome to the new website!

MOR webWelcome to our BRAND NEW MIDWEST OUTDOOR RESORTS WEBSITE! Can you tell by the CAPS LOCK how excited I am?  And, you should be excited too! This new and improved website will guide you in all of your vacation needs. From Homepark vacations to Island getaways you are just a click away from making your vacation dreams come true!

Speaking of homeparks, all three of your MOR locations are OPEN for the season!! And as the weather heats up so do all the fun activities going on at each location. From Halloween in June to Around the World, there are fun family friendly activities going on every weekend that you won’t want to miss out on!

We don’t want you to miss a single thing that happens around here! Are YOU getting the most out of your membership? Remember, my office is at Rushmore Shadows and I would love to see you when you come visit us to help you use your membership to the fullest! Call to schedule an appointment! Feel free to stay awhile, click around, and explore our new web space.

800 231 0425

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